Here you can find all the important information related to purchasing products on Urock website. Find out how we evaluate and measure clothing, what steps do you need to go through to complete a transaction, available payment methods and our return policy.

Payment Information
Prices for each product are indicated below the title on the description page for every individual item. Urock customers have the option to make their own offers if the listed price is not satisfactory. Order should not be formed if the customer does not agree with the item cost.
Available payment methods:
We accept Paypal payments.
Any personal information provided by the customer is used for payment procedures only and is not visible or collected by Urock.
After making a payment on Urock a customer will receive a confirmation email with a receipt for the order.
Payment in cash is available only when buying directly from Urock premises at Savanoriu pr. 192, Kaunas.
By accepting the terms and conditions of the purchase the customer agrees to receive invoices via the email address provided in the registration form.
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