Here you can find all the important information related to purchasing products on Urock website. Find out how we evaluate and measure clothing, what steps do you need to go through to complete a transaction, available payment methods and our return policy.

Steps for placing an order on Urock website:
– Select the desired items to form a shopping basket;
– Provide an up to date delivery address;
– Read our terms and conditions;
– Choose a preferred method of payment;
– Make a payment;
– Wait for the item to arrive.
After placing an order the buyer will receive a confirmation email together with an invoice for the purchased products.
An order will not be placed in cases when the customer does not fully agree with the terms and conditions.
Once the order is confirmed the buyer is committed to accept their purchased goods.
Urock reserves the right to cancel an order if a customer does not meet the necessary requirements, has not agreed to the terms and conditions, makes orders too frequently* and (or) due to other reasons which would be specified directly to the buyer.
* Frequent orders can refer to a number of orders consisting of unusually large product quantities made in a very short period of time.
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